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Expunge or Seal Your Florida Criminal Records




Expunging or sealing a record is a process that can greatly ease the scrutiny placed on individuals with a criminal or arrest record. This is because any arrest, even if dismissed, will show up on background checks.




Things like interviewing for jobs, renting apartments, or applying for a schools can become tedious if an arrest shows up on a background check.  Even if the case was eventually dismissed, most employers don’t take the time to look much further after the word ‘arrest’ shows up. A record sealing or expungement is a process that has no downside for eligible applicants. An attorney can review your charges and determine if you are eligible to seal or expunge a record. Call Now For a Free Eligibility Consultation Eligibility can depend on a few things, such as:




  •      The type of charge
  •      The outcome of the case
  •     Completion of Conditions
  •      Prior Offenses




Determining whether it will be a sealing or expunction of your record depends on how the case resolved.




The Law Firm of Adam M. Brofsky is thorough in checking such details.  We ensure to tick all the boxes so that we don’t waste time on an already lengthy application process. If eligible, take the clean slate, because each person can only do this ONCE. Any decisions to seal or expunge a record should be acted on swiftly, as it is a lengthy process that can take months, and any conviction of a crime can deem you ineligible. Call The Law Firm of Adam M. Brofsky, P.A. today for a free eligibility test.

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