Warrants & Bonds

Once a warrant is issued, you can be arrested at any time. In addition to an inevitable arrest, bench warrants also are often issued with a driver’s license suspension. Although this can be stressful, avoiding a warrant is never a good idea.  

If you have an outstanding warrant, it’s important to contact an attorney to discuss your options. Warrants vary in type, but all can be tedious, and oftentimes a person is unaware they even have an open warrant.

  • Arrest warrants:  Issued by the police department, and can involve being charged with a crime.
  • Bench warrants (or capias):  Court ordered, usually for missing a court appearance.

An attorney can motion to have the capias warrant dismissed, or for an in-court surrender and potentially have you released on bond, or ROR’d (Released on own recognisance) without remaining in custody.

If a warrant pertains to certain crime, like a Probation Violation, it can be deemed   ‘no bond.’  This means you will be held in jail until you appear before a judge. An attorney can motion the court to issue or set a bond, and avoid sitting in jail awaiting a court date. Your bond can be revoked if you are charged for another crime while out on bond, and an attorney can petition to reinstate it.

Seeking legal representation will help lessen the confusion and stress of a warrant or bond issue, and avoid unnecessary jail time and further penalties. The Law Firm of Adam M. Brofsky, P.A. specializes in criminal defense and has intensive knowledge of these issues. Call today for a free consultation.

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